Downtown Healdsburg FAM Tour

Who: For businesses and organizations operating in Healdsburg and their employees.

Why: One way to impress visitors and locals alike with our friendly hometown spirit is to help them find what they’re looking for by knowing where things are in downtown Healdsburg. Plus, the more downtown businesses know about one another, the more we can help each other create a warm and welcoming experience for our customers.

Many downtown employees don’t live in Healdsburg, and might not be able to tell customers how to find the nearest drug store or flower shop, or where the police station or post office is located. This tour gives you and your employees the opportunity to learn more about Healdsburg, and to connect with its business community.

Where: Downtown Healdsburg Familiarization (FAM) Tours begin with a brief history presentation at the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce, followed by a walking tour of downtown Healdsburg.

How: This tour is a collaborative effort between the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce and Wine Country Walking Tours.

What: Each session covers the history of Healdsburg, current information about the town, and a walking tour to meet a few of the local proprietors and get familiar with your neighbors. Let us know if you have a particular topic you would like us to discuss or a specific establishment for us to visit.

Each attendee will receive a Healdsburg directory, map, current events calendar, and various goodies along the tour route. The Healdsburg Familiarization Tour will visit art galleries, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, tasting rooms, breweries, cider houses, grocery stores, drug stores, the post office, etc.

What To Bring: Your questions!

Come, walk the streets with us and get to know Healdsburg a little better!