For the Bride and Groom

Weddings are joyous, but even before the big day, there are many smaller events that give you a chance to celebrate with special friends in a more intimate gathering. Some of our suggestions:

Bridal Walking Wine Collection Tour

Bridesmaids’ Celebrations and Gifts

It’s traditional for the bride to present her attendants with gifts as thanks for their love and support prior to the wedding. But these days, there is also a growing preference among many people toward giving shared experiences rather than “things.” The gift of time together doing something you all enjoy is the best way to honor your closest friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A private fine wine and gourmet food walking tour can be customized with a luncheon or dinner option, or perhaps a salon break for manicure/pedicure treatments.  Call us to brainstorm ideas!

Already have your bridesmaids’ party set, but looking for gifts to present to each of them? Our Wine Country Walking Tours gift certificates are a lovely way to say thank you, and allow each of your BFFs to schedule her walking tour to suit her own calendar.

Wedding Shower to Build a Wine Collection

The wedding shower custom originated in Holland in the 16th Century, as a way of “showering” a dowerless bride with items she would need to begin her married life. The custom has evolved — today’s showers often include the groom as well as the bride. And many couples already have all the kitchen gadgets they need; what they might really appreciate is help growing their wine collection, with fine vintages they can share over the years with friends and family.

A Wine Country Walking Tour lets the group spend the day together, tasting fine wine and sampling gourmet bites. At the end of the tour, you might have each participant contribute a bottle purchased during the day to the happy couple. Our complimentary valet service makes this easy; bottles purchased throughout the tour will be collected for safekeeping until the end of the day, so no one need carry them. We will happily customize bridal or couple showers with private luncheon or dinner arrangements, and even a cake.

Wedding Guest Activities

Our tours offer your out-of-town wedding guests a delightful diversion during their visit to the area. We would be happy to make all the arrangements for a private party tour for your guests.

Wedding Gift Certificates

Do you know a couple planning a Sonoma County honeymoon? A Wine Country Walking Tour gift certificate will perfectly pair with the romantic vacation plans they are making. Present the gift certificate in our beautiful envelope, and let them schedule the date and time that suits their honeymoon itinerary.

Please give us a call (707) 758-4725 to discuss the many ways we can make your wedding celebrations most memorable.